“How do you become a butterfly?” asked the little caterpillar. “Your desire to fly must be so strong that you are ready to give up your existence as a caterpillar.”
(Translated from the original “Hoffnung für die Blumen” by Trina Paulus).

Change is an adventure and an adventure that is shared is even more fun. It’s in our hands to make this decision. We took this step together because your life should be lived! Are you ready for a new life full of adventures? Do you feel like living a life of freedom in every respect?

We invite you to join us in this adventure.

Life begins – the opportunity of a lifetime


„Tame birds sing of freedom…Wild birds fly.“ (John Lennon)

Kerstin & Christin – we made our decision – We are the masters of our own destiny. We have decided to live a self-determined life of love, freedom and independence and we will share our experiences, our way and our life adventure with you, if that’s what you want too. Will you join us? 

More from life – More for you – More for others

Adventures are born out of a love for life – do you also feel that there is more out there than meets the eye? You may not exactly know how yet, but you know that there is a different world. Do you also want 100% more out of life?

I do want
100 % more
out of life

Health & Vitality are your Birthright!

Your body is a temple! Your spirit and your soul live there. In order for all three to be in harmony, you need a high level of energy. Then anything is possible.
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Success & Money are your Birthright!

Money will come to you when you are ready for it. What you need is discipline, determination and enthusiasm to follow your passion for “more from life”. That way you will be living a self-determined life.
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Joie de Vivre & a Zest for Life are your Birthright!

So, it´s worth going for it because nothing is worth losing your smile over! Make your time worthwhile and fill it with your values and the people who are important to you. Then you will be living a meaningful life.
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