„Dreams and visions are the first step to a new mindset – the origin, the trigger and the beginning of change. (Horst Bulla).“ (Horst Bulla)

These great people have already taken their „next step“ and started their life adventure with us. Each one at their own pace, each one with what was, and is, important to them… but all of them have set off on their way.

Do you want in on this? Or do you have…


You might think it’s not any better. You have already experienced disappointments, everything sounds too good to be true, snowball, pyramid, warnings here and there, well-meaning advice from loved ones to hold you back, the know-it-alls in the network, the self-proclaimed enlighteners and so-called institutions with their paid speakers.

They are all people who want to test you to see if you really want: CHANGE & A SELF-DETERMINED LIFE!

What do you need to do now?

Your next step:

Imagine your “More out of life”, what would this be?

You are brave and deep inside you feel that it can work differently, right?

Be honest with yourself because you feel that you are on the right track and want to change!

If it feels good so far, you are ready for your decision. Make it right now!

What we promise you

We take you from your world into our world where you can then see and feel the difference and decide whether you want to stay or go back to your old world!

We support you on your way; we work as a team and live by our values and we invite you to be a part of it!

If this feels right for you, then you are exactly right with us and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

We live in Würzburg but the world is our home!

„The greatest attraction there is, is the world. Look at it.“ (Kurt Tucholsky)

Distance doesn’t matter, connections are made where connections want to be made.

We are also curious to get to know new countries and areas. Currently we are already working with people in Germany, Austria, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, the USA and France.

Is your country not on the list yet? Let’s change that.


Make your decision and get to know us, even if you don’t know exactly what to expect.


Pick up the phone and call us now!

Contact us…

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