“It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much…” (Lucius Annaeus Senca)

Every adventure in life begins with a first step. Get off the treadmill and break away from the force of habit. We freed ourselves from this glue because we wanted more out of life. “Tame birds sing of freedom, wild birds fly” and that is how we made our decision.

Freedom, solidarity and independence are some of the values we live by, coupled with joie de vivre, humour and happiness just to be alive, in both our professional and private lives. Together we are a couple, however, we are two pieces of the same puzzle.

Are you curious to know who we are? Who is Kerstin and who is Christin? Then read on…


For over 20 years I had my own practice as a successful osteopath and alternative practitioner and I used to be fulfilled helping people holistically on their way to recovery. This was the purpose of my professional life.

Only when my personal circumstances changed turning my life upside down did I question the life I had been leading up to that point.

With my heart beating faster and butterflies in my stomach, I followed my gut instinct, trusting this “plus” of “Life”. “Helping others become successful, then you too will be successful” was in exact harmony with my values and my vision.

Following this philosophy I met Christin and fell in love with her.

Today we live our dream of freedom, taking like-minded people with us on our journey, people who want more from life.

In my opinion the freedom of a self-determined life is a choice and, as a visionary, I would like to bring this freedom to many more people.


Christin von zurück zu Dir coaching

As a hairdresser I used to spend a lot of time working. My passion was to make people look more beautiful. But when my son was born, my life changed and I started to see things from a different perspective.

That is how I began longing for more out of life. What did I want anyway?
Fragile and in poor health, one day I found myself in Kerstin’s practice and there I learned about a holistic concept. I was open and trusted my intuition. My mind, however, said something completely different.

More surprising was my love for Kerstin. Since then my life has changed completely. Together we decided to go down a different path working with the Lifeplus concept.

This way I can develop my personality, I can try new things for which I would have never had the courage or time before.

On 01.01.2019 I said good-bye to my old profession as a hairdresser and now enjoy a self-determined life without limits. Freedom makes you beautiful from within and it lasts longer too.

I stand for effortlessness, for change. Be courageous. You owe it to yourself.

More out of life – More for you – More for others

Make your decision and get to know us, even if you don’t know exactly what to expect.


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“It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much…” (Lucius Annaeus Senca)

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